We offer affordable dry riser maintenance solutions, nationally. At Alpha-tech Fire we undertake all wet and dry riser testing, servicing, maintenance and repairs that you can rely on throughout Bristol and the south-west including Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Avon, Somerset, Oxfordshire and the south of England covering London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and south Wales. Please contact our service office for the cost of dry riser testing in your area.

Alpha-Tech Dry Riser diagram for sales, service and installation throughout Gloucestershire

What are risers?

Often referred to as rising mains, these are a system of pipe work that provides a readily available means to deliver considerable quantities of water throughout the building. This enables water to be provided at the correct pressure to upper floors of a building. The risers are then used by the fire service should they ever be required to enter your building.

What’s the difference between a Wet & a Dry riser?

Simply put a wet riser has a pump and is permanently charged with water, a dry riser does not. Wet risers are found in buildings 60metres above ground level. Dry risers are found in buildings above 18m tall or which have a span of greater than 60 metres.

What does a riser look like?

The diagrams shown demonstrate a typical riser configuration. These typically consist of outlet valves on each landing in the stairwells and a twin inlet inside a red cabinet at street level.

Why do I need these systems serviced?

Like all fire safety equipment, if it's on-site it must be maintained. Bear in mind the following:

What servicing do you provide?

Dry and wet Risers will be serviced in accordance to BS9990:2006. The British Standard Code of Practise recommends that:

How much does a service cost?

This can vary dependent on complexity of the dry riser system. We are happy to survey your premises, free of charge, in order to provide an accurate service price.

If you would like Alpha-Tech Fire to quote for your dry riser testing or servicing please contact our sales department email or telephone our sales office on 0871 9518811 or 07787 449322.