The Fire Safety Company For Gloucestershire and the South West

Robert French with a view to provide something new from the fire safety industry officially created Alpha-Tech Fire in June 2009.

Bob has always believed that the customer is the most valuable part of any business, and any company who thinks otherwise should try to do business without them. Bob decided there is a better way to do business by providing clients with high quality service and equipment at a competitive price.

Bob’s approach to business has provided long-term relationships between the company and the customer with no need for pushy sales tactics.

This is a simple concept, but with the larger companies’ policies on employing commission-based engineers, the actual service provided seems to vary and clients need to be wary of hidden costs.

Alpha-Tech provides fire safety services ranging from fire extinguisher and fire alarm sales and maintenance to sprinkler systems and dry risers. The company has a wealth of industry support from carefully selected partners, who are all experts in their particular field. Alpha-Tech Fire Ltd will always be the first point of contact for any fire safety enquiry and, if they don’t know straight away, they will research it for you.

Are Alpha-Tech Fire Ltd the cheapest? Probably not, and nor would they wish to be. Alpha-Tech Fire Ltd aims to be highly competitive in all aspects, whilst retaining the highest level of quality and service.

Alpha-Tech Fire Ltd will provide you with the service and products you require for a competitive price. They will not try to sell you replacements extinguishers, additional items, parts and services that you do not require.

Alpha-Tech Fire Ltd are proud to put their customers' first. If you think Alpha-Tech Fire Ltd sounds like a company you’d like to do business with, email or telephone our sales office today on 0871 9518811.