Alpha-Tech Fire Alarms and Systems

What is a fire alarm system?

Fire alarms systems provide both audible and visual warnings of a developing emergency situation. Fire alarms aid the safe evacuation of people from the premises and can even notify the appropriate emergency services quickly. Alarm systems can also provide vital information to the fire service regarding the location of the fire to ensure it can be tackled in a safe and effective manner.

Why do I need a fire alarm system?

This is very much a decision you need to make yourself. If there is a requirement for automatic detection identified within your risk assessment the answer is most certainly yes! Also, if you have sleeping accommodation within your premises, or above it again Alpha-Tech Fire would recommend an automatic system as essential. You have a responsibility to be able to alert people in the building in the event of a fire, if you truly believe standing there shouting ‘Fire’ is sufficient, document that in your assessment. Remember you will have to stand by your decisions should you be the unfortunate victim of a fire.

Do I need to have my system serviced?

As with all fire safety equipment you have a responsibility to ensure your equipment is functioning correctly. Elements of your alarm system may deteriorate over time and response times may suffer. Older, un-maintained, systems may also suffer from numerous false activations leading to a decline in the response times provided by the fire service and which may incur a charge.

What services do you provide?

Alpha-Tech Fire can install, service and maintain a range of alarm systems in accordance with the relevant British standards. We can fit and service any make of alarm system.

What Standards do you work to?

We service an install all systems in accordance with BS5389 and all relevant IEE Regulations.

What is alarm system Monitoring?

If your business operates 9am-5pm weekdays and is based in a business park what happens if a fire occurs at 2am on a Saturday? You’re alarm rings away making plenty of noise, but who’s going to call the fire brigade? Monitoring is the answer, it provides an automatic call to a monitoring centre who can then contact the fire service. This is essential in protecting your property, equipment, information and also your neighbours.

What’s all this about Open and Closed Protocol?

A closed protocol system is installed by a number of large fire companies usually at a highly competitive price. The problem being, they are then usually the only company who have the relevant codes to make changes to the system meaning you are tied into them for expensive service contracts and upgrades.

Alpha-Tech Fire only install open protocol systems which any company can maintain. That way, whether you require us to maintain the system, or choose somebody else, it will always be your decision, not our.

If you would like Alpha-Tech Fire to quote for your fire alarm system please contact our sales department by email or telephone our sales office on 0871 9518811 or 07787 449322.